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The Adventures of the Butterfly

Episode 4: Cliq Night 09.17.04 OR: The Punishments of Lotus Blossom
Butterflies Involved:
White Licorice, Tickle Me Pink, Fuck Me Beautiful, Yellow Boba, Lotus Blossom
Friday, 09/17/04

Sorry, no pictures were taken on this particular event.

About a week ago, Lotus Blossom took matters into his own hands by attacking someone alone. This was a bad move. His punishment would be tonight.

It began at the house of White Licorice... or rather, in front of it. The Butterflies were gathered on the sidewalk, with the ex-Butterfly formerly known as Green Burrito and a butterfly hopeful (Wookie?). They decided to go to the Long Beach Town Center.

On the way there, White Licorice stopped by the house of an Indian guy with a funny name. They made fun of his name and race. It was funny.

Very little time was spent at the Long Beach Town Center, and Fuck Me Beautiful, Yellow Boba, and the ex-Butterfly formerly known as Green Burrito had to leave. Tickle Me Pink ordered Lotus Blossom to go up to a girl and say, "Hey, you're cute. I had to ask for your name." There, he met a girl named Gabbie.

The rest of the group decided to go to Hard Times to shoot pool, but on the way there, they picked up the Illuminator.

At Hard Times, the Butterflies had a tournament. White Licorice emerged victorious... But not before the punishments of the Lotus Blossom.

Tickle Me Pink ordered Lotus Blossom to approach a girl and greet her with an ultimately gay handshake. Then came the moment of truth. Inspired by the comedic classic Dodgeball, Tickle Me Pink ordered Lotus Blossom to approach a group of girls and say, "Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?" Followed by the patented Ben Stiller milkshake boobie-dance. Lotus Blossom obeyed. The girls laughed at him, and if they ever see him again, they will remember his face and ask about their milkshake. But once again, Lotus Blossom obtained respect through sheer humiliation.

I suppose I should add a funny animated GIF at the bottom. Well fuck you, I don't got one.

Episode 3: Cliq Night 09.03.04 OR: The Initiation of Lotus Blossom
Butterflies Involved:
White Licorice, Tickle Me Pink, Fuck Me Beautiful, Yellow Boba, Lotus Blossom
Friday, 09/03/04

It began at White Licorice's house with a game of foosball, a game of darts, and some beer. Then came the initiation. Even though Lotus Blossom was a butterfly in the eyes of Tickle Me Pink and White Licorice, he still needed to prove himself to Fuck Me Beautiful and Yellow Boba. It was this very evening that Lotus Blossom became a true Butterfly. Fuck Me Beautiful's idea was to throw a quarter at the bottom of White Licorice's swimming pool. There, Lotus Blossom would have to strip to his boxers, jump into the pool, and retrieve it. This was not an easy task.

Lotus Blossom learned how to get from point A to point B in a swimming pool, but diving was a very new concept. Lotus Blossom ended up having to kick the quarter to the shallow end of the pool, and pick it up. Yes, it was quite embarassing, and it didn't quite satisfy Fuck Me Beautiful's requirement. So he proposed another test, a test lack of skill wouldn't hinder: the belly flop. Here, he would have to do 5 belly flops. This would be Lotus Blossom's initiation.

The first one generated some applause.

The second one was so good, the Butterfly Cliq agreed to just cut it down from 5 to 3. So then came the moment of truth. Lotus Blossom would either do one last belly flop and become a true Butterfly, or he himself would flop and have to repeat the process all over again. So White Licorice followed him up the diving board with the camera, and in a moment of adrenalin and intensity, all sound blocked out. With Lotus Blossom focused on his gut being the first fucking thing to hit the pool, Fuck Me Beautiful said "WAIT!" and before he could stop, Lotus Blossom fell into the fucking pool. The Butterflies agreed that wouldn't count against poor Lotus Blossom, so they allowed him to try it again. What happened next can be described as a thing of absolute beauty... thanks to the angle at which White Licorice took the picture.

So that was it. Lotus Blossom is now a Butterfly. He had gained respect through sheer humiliation.

They ordered pizza, and watched a very good Japanese film called "Battle Royale". There aren't much movies like it. So go see it. If Japan would let us distribute it, they'd slap Tarantino's name on it. So it's like a Tarantino movie. So find a way to see it. Download, eBay, whatever.

The rest of the night after that, well... Some chicks came over. And what happened when they did come over can best be described with this:

So there you have it. That was Cliq Night, September 2004.

Episode 2: A Live Show (Part II)
Butterflies involved:
White Licorice, Tickle Me Pink, Lotus Blossom
Friday, 08/27/04

Accompanied by two chicks, the three Butterflies made their way to the Whisky. The concert was cool, but the drive home was when everything REALLY began to unfold.

We played a game that involved the unsheathing of clothing. Thanks to Tickle Me Pink, the two chicks were the first ones to have their clothing removed. Sitting just inches away from this, none other than Lotus Blossom himself. Yes, he was literally touching a bare leg, and caught some nice flashes of glorious boobage.

Episode 1: A Live Show (Part I)
Butterflies involved:
White Licorice, Lotus Blossom
Tuesday, 08/24/04

It all began late tuesday evening. White Licorice and Lotus Blossom were closing at work when an old co-worker, her boyfriend, and her friend stopped by. They apparently had an... interesting experience before they came in. Our old co-worker and her friend started getting extremely friendly. This gave White Licorice a brilliant idea.

After work, White Licorice invited everyone over to his truck where hw and Lotus Blossom witnessed firsthand the... interesting experience.

(Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures, Lotus Blossom's camera phone takes shitty quality pictures, especially in the dark)

White Licorice and Lotus Blossom agreed, THIS WAS FUCKING AWESOME! One of the girls decided to share the warmth, so White Licorice agreed to give her a ride home. She thanked him. No, Lotus Blossom didn't get any pictures, unfortunately, but he got to watch, and he wished she could thank him too. Lotus Blossom couldn't get any good pics fromt he angle he was watching from anyway. Nonetheless, Lotus Blossom liked what he saw.